Turning Over a New Leaf

by MandoPony

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Giovanni Cotonecoda
Giovanni Cotonecoda thumbnail
Giovanni Cotonecoda This is such a sweet, heart-warming song.~<3 E=3 Favorite track: Turning Over a New Leaf [Ft. Emily Jones].
Rose thumbnail
Rose I was just getting back into AC: NL when I found this song. Now I can't stop listening to it! I'm happy to support good music like this. Your voices work so well together and the animation is cute too. You both should be proud! Favorite track: Turning Over a New Leaf [Ft. Emily Jones].
Nekogirl306 thumbnail
Nekogirl306 Everyone that likes this song, buy the game it's so much fun!
AzuLatios thumbnail
AzuLatios This is probably the most heartwarming fan-made video game song I've ever heard. Having played the game and knowing the atmosphere of Animal Crossing: New Leaf itself, I was extremely moved when I heard this song. the rhythm, tune, and feeling of the song greatly inspires a happy, uplifting feeling. I highly recommend this wonderful track! Favorite track: Turning Over a New Leaf [Ft. Emily Jones].
Mr. Wubbles
Mr. Wubbles thumbnail
Mr. Wubbles Animal Crossing, the song, and those who have worked on it. I highly recommend you buy it!
Sanya K. C.
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Sanya K. C. This song warmed my heart. And Emily's voice as Isabelle is really sweet. Favorite track: Turning Over a New Leaf [Ft. Emily Jones].
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MandoPony is back with a brand new song, this time about the mayor of "Animal Crossing: New Leaf"! The mayor is happy to find his new hometown, but when he decides to strike out in search of new video games, how will Isabelle react to his absence?

Featuring vocals by Emily Jones as Isabelle, and artwork by Sabrina Alberghetti


released January 17, 2015

Composed, recorded and produced by Andrew Stein
Guest vocals courtesy of Emily Jones
Artwork and art design by Sabrina Alberghetti



all rights reserved


MandoPony Vancouver, British Columbia

Andrew Stein (A.K.A MandoPony) is an American YouTuber and musician, who makes music based off of video games, cartoons, and pop-culture.

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Track Name: Turning Over a New Leaf [Ft. Emily Jones]
Hop off a train
Into a new town
It's exactly what I needed
I can't explain
What I have found
But it's exactly where
I long to be

I'm in charge now,
But I don't know how
The stars must have aligned
All these friendly faces
Erase any traces
Of worry from my mind

So it's time I turned over
A new leaf...

And if you say
That you're really here to stay
I can do my best to play my part
And give you the start you need
To succeed

And if you're unsure,
I will be the cure
I will be here on the job
Waiting for you, loyal and true,
'Cause that's what friends do!

Now I know that
I'm bound to roam
Even though it pains me to leave this home
I gotta catch 'em all,
And slide between worlds,
I gotta smash my foes,
And see the dreams of two plumbers unfurl

There's more to life
Than catching fish from the seas,
I'm tired of weeds and getting
Stung by bees, so it's
Time to leave the mayor's chair
The truth really is I can't always be there

So it's time I turned over
A new leaf...

I hope you'll say
That you're coming back some day
I will do my best to fill your void
Me and Lloyd will try to scrape by

And if you're so sure
That you'll be fine alone
Then I will be too, waiting for you
Loyal and true,
'Cause that's what friends should do...

I've been away for so long
I wonder where he's gone
I wonder what they're (he's) doing right now
And now I find
That you're on my mind
So it's time I turned over
A new leaf...

I hope you'll say
That you're finally here to stay
(I'm finally here to stay!)
I'm so glad you're back in our little town
Without you around, nothing's been the same
But it's fine!
I always knew I'd (hoped you'd) change my (your) mind

Because I (you) knew I was waiting for you
Loyal and true...
That's what friends do!

It's what we do-o-o-o-!
That's what friends do!